A Therapeutic Process for treatment of :

Addictions;  Anxiety;  Anger;  Depression,

Relationship Issues Stress and Trauma

Using a combination of techniques and exercises from several different therapeutic models.

I mainly work with the "critial voices" that we hear inside of us and the defenses we use to protect us from psychological PAIN.

From childhood :

we create "scripts" about how we, others and the world work (not necessarily true).

We follow injunctions and permissions based on our experiences

We have negative core beliefs about ourselves, others and the world.

We have negative thoughts that hold us back and keep us stuck.

We try to parent our partners instead of seeing them as Adults.

These create a FALSE SELF.

All of the above has been learnt and therefore can be changed.

In therapy the goal is to have more choices (autonomy) so that you are living your life from a TRUE SELF.

You are more authentic.

Discover your authentic True SELF.

I look forward to helping you on your journey.