MindTrack Therapy

£45 per session

Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Hypnotherapy (NLP)

The Therapeutic Process  


Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Relationship Issues and Stress

From the moment you were born you started learning how to feel, think and behave based on what you experienced and your perception (beliefs) from those experience.   Children in remote parts of Africa walk over 10 miles to school, they see this as normal as they do not know any different and are happy doing so..  Ask a child or a adult for that matter in the UK to walk 10 miles to work and most would see this as unjust.  . We are shaped by our beliefs.  

Therapy helps you address automatic negative beliefs that are causing suffering..  At times it means going back to the past to discover where you learnt this belief and challenging it in the present.  Sometimes it is teaching you skills to manage the present more effectively, or it can be a combination of both.  

The TRUE SELF is YOU without all the Negative Core Beliefs that you took as a child.  

As Robin Williams said in epic movie "Good Will Hunting" ....... "it's not your fault".


Breathing is by far the most accessible yet challenging disciplines to master.  I'm not talking about the physiological process, which takes care of itself. But the awareness of the breathe.  

There are many breathing techniques that can help you feel more calm, resulting in better overall health.  In therapy I use a variety of different breathing exercises which I hope you will enjoy.

Relaxation Visualisation

Have you noticed that some of your best ideas come to you when you close your eyes and visualise.  Basically, you are excluded some of your external stimulae from your awareness, making it easier to focus.  

Learning how to visualise is a key component of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) together with how we use language.

Learn Anchoring, Swish technique, Future pacing to name but a few to give you more tools in your toolbox.


Clients come to counselling for a variety of reasons.  

Usually it's because they are experiencing suffering in their lives and they want to change or understand themselves better or find ways to cope with the problems they are facing.

I combine many different modalities to help the client better manage their own "system" leading to better mental health.


Psycho Education

I offer clients a range of reading material, questionnaires and assignments to do in between sessions.

It's not compulsory.  Some people love learning about the mind.  Others not so much.  That;s fine.  It's just an additional tool for you to use. 

Hypnotherapy / NLP

My training is in Neuro Linguistic Programming which uses hypnosis..  An interesting fact is that many hypnotherapists use NLP also, so there is a natural overlap of the two modalities.

NLP in my experience takes less time than conventional hypnotherapy.


Some clients are purely interested in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  

This technique doesn't go into your past as much as other modalities do so suits more short term therapy.  It is primarily used by the NHS and normally consists of 6 to 12 sessions.

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